No More Loose Upper Arms

Arm Lift Little Silver, NJ Aging and sagging go together like Shecky Greene and the Catskills, like the Devils and Martin Brodeur, like the Shore and guys in black t-shirts and gold chains! As our skin loses some collagen and as the underlying support tissues slacken, sagging is inevitable.

Who would have thought it would affect the upper arms, though? This is especially true if you’ve gained and then lost a fair amount of weight. Now the underside of your upper arms is loose and, in many cases, even prone to flapping back and forth with arm movement.

And no matter how many triceps dips you do, that skin will never tighten back up. Bogus.

But you can come see Dr. Hetzler and he can perform an arm lift and you can get your younger upper arms back.

What is an arm lift?

An arm lift reduces excess skin and underlying fat between your underarm and your elbow. This reshapes the arm into a slimmer, smoother, younger contour. It can be a very satisfying procedure, particularly if you like to wear sleeveless fashions during our toasty New Jersey summers.

How does Dr. Hetzler perform an arm lift?

Depending on the degree of sagging, Dr. Hetzler makes an incision on the bottom or inside of your upper arm. This can stretch from the armpit all the way to the elbow, or it may be shorter if you have less pronounced sagging. If you have fat pockets that need to be removed, liposuction will be used. Dr. Hetzler then tightens the support tissues and muscles as needed, and he smoothes the skin over your slimmer contoured arm. Excess skin is then trimmed away and the incision is closed.

Will an arm lift leave a scar?

Any incision in the skin will leave a scar, and this is no different with the lengthy incision used in an arm lift. However, the incision is placed on the inside or the bottom of the arm, so it is not as noticeable as you could think. Plus, over time the scarring will fade.

Want to do something about your loose upper arms for 2019? Call Dr. Hetzler at (732) 219-0447 and schedule a consultation for an arm lift.

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