Micropeel Your Way to Better Skin

Your skin loves to be peeled. Maybe not to the degree of a snake, but sloughing off the top layer is key to keeping your skin healthy looking and vibrant. That’s what chemical peels do; they force your skin to exfoliate. Dr. Hetzler offers the Micropeel from SkinCeuticals. This three-step clinical procedure combines dermaplaning, chemical […]

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Unwanted Fat, Meet Suction

As the average American becomes larger, it quickly becomes evident that it was far easier to put the weight on than to take it off. While it comes down to simple arithmetic — more calories burned than consumed = weight loss — it’s just not that simple for most people. Hence the growing demand for […]

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You’re No Marsupial, Lose the Pooch

Everyone gets a little stomach pooch at some point. If you’ve been pregnant and had a couple children, it’s almost a certainty. If you’ve gained and then lost a good deal of weight, same thing. General aging will also eventually deliver a small pooch as the muscles and skin in the area weaken. The issue […]

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Breast Augmentation

Virtually Scarless Augmentation

One of the drawbacks to many breast augmentation procedures is the incision scar. This is the case when the patient opts to have her implants placed through the inframammary incision, located just above the breast crease on the underside of the breasts. Many women when doing their initial research on the possibilities of breast augmentation […]

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

About Those Aching Wrists

The carpal tunnel is a narrow, fibrous passage in the wrist that protects the median nerve, which controls movement and sensation in the hand and thumb, index and middle fingers. If you’re feeling numbness, tingling, or weakness in your fingers, you could be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median […]

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skin care

Understanding Sunscreen

Living in Little Silver, with lots of days at the beach over at Sandy Hook, we’re all exposed to a lot of sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the stinkers, penetrating the skin and damaging its cells, leading to skin aging and wrinkling, and various skin cancers. We all know that the best thing would […]

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Male Breast Reduction | Little Silver, NJ

Is There An Age Limit for Male Breast Reduction?

It’s not unusual for a woman with overly large natural breasts to seek to have reduction surgery. The reasons are often a mix of both physical and emotional, even social factors. Conversely, while many men suffer from enlarged breasts, a condition clinically known as gynecomastia, few have the surgery with Dr. Hetzler to correct the […]

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Neck Lift Surgery Little Silver, NJ

Three Ways to Address Those Jowls

As we get older one thing is pretty much universal — we all have some degree of loose sagging skin under our chin. The dreaded jowls. Just about everyone has this problem and it is universally despised. But Dr. Hetzler has three options for getting rid of your double chin: Kybella, CoolMini, or liposuction. Kybella […]

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Chemical Peel Little Silver, NJ

Better Skin Through Chemicals

In New Jersey, that title sounds like a slogan for a Newark chemical company. But here in Little Silver, we mean it as chemical peels, which basically force your outer skin to exfoliate. Chemical peels remove dull, dead skin, revealing new, smoother, younger-looking skin beneath. We provide different degrees of chemical peels to suit the […]

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Breast Augmentation Little Silver, NJ

The Popularity of Breast Augmentation

In New Jersey and seemingly around the rest of the country, breast augmentation continues to become more and more popular. For the past few years, breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. In 2017, over 300,000 American women opted to augment their breasts. That was up three percent from 2016. […]

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