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Arm Lift Little Silver, NJ

No More Loose Upper Arms

Aging and sagging go together like Shecky Greene and the Catskills, like the Devils and Martin Brodeur, like the Shore and guys in black t-shirts and gold chains! As our skin loses some collagen and as the underlying support tissues slacken, sagging is inevitable. Who would have thought it would affect the upper arms, though? […]

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Kybella® Little Silver, NJ

Double Chins Are So Jobba the Hut

Living in New Jersey, it’s easy to think of a certain governor when you think of submental fullness. When you think of what? Submental fullness. You know, a double chin. Yes, for many years we’ve seen the epitome of the double chin in the governor’s office until his term ended this year. But most of […]

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