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Put Botox On Your Guest List

Between your holiday office party, your spouse’s holiday office party, your neighbor’s holiday party, and your family festivities, this time of year it can seem like you’re always out there on display. So, why not surprise everyone by showing up with a noticeably younger face? You can do that by inviting a little Botox, expertly […]

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BOTOX® Injections Little Silver, NJ

How Botox Keeps Wrinkles at Bay

With the Oscars coming up in a week, this is a good time to talk about Botox, the famed wrinkle eraser that has quite a following in Hollywood…and everywhere else for that matter! Botox is truly one of the world’s most famous brand names, right up there with Coke and Xerox. But there is still […]

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Botox Isn’t Just a Bully to Wrinkles

Everyone knows Botox beats up wrinkles. The injectable is so well known around the world that people think it’s been around forever just giving crow’s feet the one/two punch. Not so. The FDA only approved Botox to fight wrinkles in 2002. However, before that, Botox had been around for a few decades for other medical […]

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Botox — King of the Aesthetic World

Botox Cosmetic was first approved for aesthetic use by the FDA in 2002. Ever since that date, the contest for the most popular cosmetic procedure has been an open and shut case — Botox. Year in and year out, Botox injections are far and away the most popular single cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical. In […]

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