Put Botox On Your Guest List

BOTOX® COSMETIC Silver, NJBetween your holiday office party, your spouse’s holiday office party, your neighbor’s holiday party, and your family festivities, this time of year it can seem like you’re always out there on display.

So, why not surprise everyone by showing up with a noticeably younger face? You can do that by inviting a little Botox, expertly injected by Dr. Hetzler, to your holiday parties. Then you can un-invite your crow’s feet, the 11s between your brows, and those forehead lines!

How Botox became the most popular holiday party guest

Botox has become a true worldwide phenomenon ever since it was approved by the FDA in 2002 for treatment of wrinkles on the upper third of the face. Every single year since then, Botox injections have been the most popular cosmetic procedure, surgical and non-surgical, across the globe.

Why all the adoration? Botox works.

Botox removes what are known as “dynamic” wrinkles. These are the wrinkles that form when we make certain expressions with the muscles on the upper third of our face. Go ahead, smile, frown, or show surprise and you can feel the muscles engage around your eyes and on your forehead. Over time, these contractions eventually start to create a wrinkle on the surface skin, especially as our skin thins and has the effects of sun damage as we age.

When Dr. Hetzler injects Botox into a muscle that creates a wrinkle above, say crow’s feet, the botulinum toxin type A that is the active ingredient in Botox blocks the nerve messages that are sent from the muscle to the brain. These messages tell the brain to initiate a muscle contraction, but if the brain never receives the message, it never initiates the sequence to contract the muscle. Without the contraction, the wrinkle doesn’t form on the skin above. Voila, the beauty of Botox.

How long does it take for Botox to get to work?

If you’re planning on looking great for those upcoming parties, you need to come in and see Dr. Hetzler now. It takes Botox about 4-5 days to fully engage and relax the muscle. From there, your wrinkles should stay away for around four months. At that point, the now-inert Botox will eventually be absorbed and your muscle will start contracting again. Another Botox session, however, will maintain your results.

Why not bring Botox as a guest to your holiday parties? Call Dr. Hetzler at (732) 219-0447 to make your appointment today.

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