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breast lift Little Silver, NJ

Lifting Sagging Breasts

Gravity has no equal when it comes to reliability. It’s there all day every day, pulling us downward. It’s a good thing as it keeps us from flying off into space, which would be fun for a bit, but then dicey. But it’s bad because, well, it pulls everything downward. Just ask your breasts. Gravity […]

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CoolSculpting® Little Silver, NJ

CoolMini™ Targets Your Jowls

Most people have heard about CoolSculpting®, the fat freezing procedure that slims the contour of the abdomen and around the hips and thighs. But you may not know that CoolSculpting® can also be used in areas once thought too hard to get at, such as under the chin. CoolSculpting® has added CoolMini™ just for the area under […]

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