Lifting Sagging Breasts

breast lift Little Silver, NJ Gravity has no equal when it comes to reliability. It’s there all day every day, pulling us downward. It’s a good thing as it keeps us from flying off into space, which would be fun for a bit, but then dicey. But it’s bad because, well, it pulls everything downward.

Just ask your breasts. Gravity is a big factor behind your breast sagging. Of course, so are the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. And then there’s the slackening of all things that is one of those pleasantries of aging. Your once perky, high breasts are now sagging and are noticeably flatter. Bogus.

A breast lift with Dr. Hetzler, however, can raise and reshape your breasts and reshape how you feel about them.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift isn’t breast augmentation, although augmentation can be included with the procedure if you desire. A breast lift, clinically termed mastopexy, removes excess sagging skin and moves the nipple and areola to a higher position on the breast.

The procedure

Dr. Hetzler usually makes an anchor-shaped incision for most breast lifts. This incision circles the areola, runs downward to the breast crease, and outward along the crease. The incision outlines the area from which breast skin will be removed, and it provides the new location for the nipple. Excess skin is removed at the bottom of the breast, and then the nipple/areola is moved to its higher position. The skin surrounding the areola is then brought down and together to reshape the breast into a higher, firmer contour.

If you have less sagging, Dr. Hetzler may be able to perform a modified procedure, the doughnut mastopexy. In this case, circular incisions are made around the areola, and a doughnut-shaped area of skin is removed.

After the excess skin has been removed, Dr. Hetzler can place your implants (if you chose to augment your breasts) either under the breast tissue or the pectoral muscle.

Who is right for a breast lift?

  • If you feel that your breasts have lost shape and volume
  • Your breasts have flattened and become more pendulous
  • When unsupported, your nipples fall below the breast crease
  • Your nipples and areolae point downward
  • You have stretched skin and enlarged areolae
  • One breast is lower than the other

If sagging breasts make your emotions sag, maybe it’s time to consider a breast lift with Dr. Hetzler. Call us at (732) 219-0447 to schedule a consultation.

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