Three Ways to Address Those Jowls

Neck Lift Surgery Little Silver, NJ As we get older one thing is pretty much universal — we all have some degree of loose sagging skin under our chin. The dreaded jowls. Just about everyone has this problem and it is universally despised.

But Dr. Hetzler has three options for getting rid of your double chin: Kybella, CoolMini, or liposuction.


Kybella is basically deoxycholic acid. In the body, the job of deoxycholic acid is to aid in the breakdown of dietary fat. So, when you stop at the nearby McDonald’s over in Shrewsbury, it’s deoxycholic acid you’re counting on to go after all the fat you’re eating.

The makers of Kybella figured out that deoxycholic acid doesn’t care where the fat it targets came from — it simply goes after it and breaks it down. They theorized that if deoxycholic acid were injected under the chin, where fat has accumulated and contributes to the sagging jowls, the deoxycholic acid would get to work. And so it does. And Kybella was born. When Dr. Hetzler injects Kybella into your jowls, the deoxycholic acid breaks down the fat it finds, dramatically slimming your profile.


Everyone has heard of CoolSculpting, the non-invasive procedure where fat cells are frozen, die, and are then flushed from the body. CoolSculpting came about after two Harvard scientists were studying the development of dimples in children who ate lots of popsicles. They theorized that the cold was somehow affecting the fat in the area creating dimples (where there is little fat over the underlying muscle).

CoolSculpting was the result. The scientists discovered that fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than the surrounding skin and muscle tissue. CoolSculpting delivers controlled cooling down into the treatment areas, and the fat cells freeze but the rest of the tissue remains undamaged. CoolSculpting permanently removes around 22% of the fat in the treated areas.

The problem was always dealing with small areas, such as the jowls or bra line fat. CoolSculpting’s original cooling panels were relatively large. CoolMini was the answer. Its applicator is much smaller; it’s perfect for areas such as the jowls.


The third option for removing fat under the chin is with targeted liposuction. Dr. Hetzler takes a very thin cannula and suctions out the unwanted fat of the jowls, slimming the profile. Liposuction continues to evolve into more and more finely targeted offerings, such as the jowls. There is no scarring and the results are permanent.

Interested in slimming your profile and saying goodbye to your jowls? Call Dr. Hetzler and ask if Kybella, CoolMini, or liposuction is your best bet. Call us at (732) 219-0447 to schedule a consultation.

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