Hyaluronic Acid Little Silver, NJ

Hyaluronic Acid, the Current Cosmetic Darling

In the aesthetic world, much like other business categories, certain items or phrases become a hot commodity. Right now hyaluronic acid has that role in the aesthetic universe. You see hyaluronic acid in lotions, serums, and everything else seemingly short of a box of Wheaties. So, what is this hyaluronic acid stuff? What is hyaluronic […]

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Breast Reduction Little Silver, NJ

Downsizing Your Breasts

Having overly large natural breasts can be a pain, literally and figuratively. They can create a host of physical problems, make a woman avoid certain social situations, and be a real burden day in and day out. Most women with naturally large breasts simply cope with these issues, but they can create real problems both […]

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Arm Lift Little Silver, NJ

No More Loose Upper Arms

Aging and sagging go together like Shecky Greene and the Catskills, like the Devils and Martin Brodeur, like the Shore and guys in black t-shirts and gold chains! As our skin loses some collagen and as the underlying support tissues slacken, sagging is inevitable. Who would have thought it would affect the upper arms, though? […]

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Kybella® Little Silver, NJ

Double Chins Are So Jobba the Hut

Living in New Jersey, it’s easy to think of a certain governor when you think of submental fullness. When you think of what? Submental fullness. You know, a double chin. Yes, for many years we’ve seen the epitome of the double chin in the governor’s office until his term ended this year. But most of […]

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Hand Surgery Silver, NJ

Fixing That Permanently Bent Finger

The workings of our hands and fingers are intricate and involve a close relationship of muscles, tendons, and bones all working together. They are quite miraculous, but sometimes things go a little haywire. That’s the case when a finger gets stuck in a bent position. It then may bend or straighten with a snap, kind […]

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Put Botox On Your Guest List

Between your holiday office party, your spouse’s holiday office party, your neighbor’s holiday party, and your family festivities, this time of year it can seem like you’re always out there on display. So, why not surprise everyone by showing up with a noticeably younger face? You can do that by inviting a little Botox, expertly […]

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VI Peel Little Silver, NJ

Vi Peel Your Way to Your Holiday Parties

Chemical peels are effective, but some can leave your skin raw and require recovery. At Dr. Hetzler’s we offer the Vi Peel, a chemical peel blending a synergistic mix of trichloroacetic, glycolic, and lactic acids. The Vi Peel provides noticeable skin improvements without the discomfort, prep, or downtime of more involved chemical peels. The Vi […]

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Eyelid Surgery Little Silver, NJ

Keeping Your Eyes Young

It’s not easy to keep your eyes from aging. With other areas of your body, you can protect them or cover them with clothes. But your eyes are always out there. Plus, because they have some of the thinnest skin on the entire body, they are more apt to show their age. All of this […]

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Laser Procedures Little Silver, NJ


As a thoroughly experienced cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Hetzler believes in staying up-to-date with the latest surgical techniques. Lasers have revolutionized many areas of plastic surgery. In that vein, he continually adds new lasers to his practice to provide different benefits for his patients. Here’s our assortment of lasers and where they go […]

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Dermaplaning Little Silver, NJ

Exfoliation and Peach Fuzz Removal — Dermaplaning

Exfoliation and better-looking skin go hand in hand. To free the healthy skin beneath, you need to get rid of the dead skin cells on top. Women have always been somewhat envious that men basically exfoliate their entire lower face every day. Shaving. Such is the idea behind dermaplaning at Dr. Hetzler’s. Dermaplaning is a […]

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