Downsizing Your Breasts

Breast Reduction Little Silver, NJHaving overly large natural breasts can be a pain, literally and figuratively. They can create a host of physical problems, make a woman avoid certain social situations, and be a real burden day in and day out.

Most women with naturally large breasts simply cope with these issues, but they can create real problems both physically and emotionally. Dr. Hetzler can help by downsizing your breasts with breast reduction surgery.

Who could use breast reduction surgery?

These days it can seem as if every woman is having breast augmentation to make their breasts larger, but for women born with heavy, glandular breasts, they are anything but desirable. It’s not something most women think about, unless they have very large breasts, but there is a lot of weight involved. This weight can cause neck and back pain, as the body is constantly trying to compensate for the forward weight. Plus, when wearing a normal bra, the straps can become lethal on shoulder skin. Overly large breasts can be tough when trying to buy clothes. And they create lots of unwanted attention at work and socially. It can make the person avoid social situations and dating because of her breasts.

Breast reduction surgery with Dr. Hetzler is known as reduction mammaplasty. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin, fat, and tissue from the breasts. The end goal is to have breasts that are smaller, lighter, and proportional to the body.

The procedure

This is a relatively involved surgical procedure. There are three potential incision locations depending on the patient. In some cases, Dr. Hetzler may be able to make the incision around the areola, which keeps scarring to a minimum. He will often utilize liposuction in these cases to remove more fatty tissue. Obviously, this option is only a possibility if a woman has a good deal of fatty tissue in her breasts. Women with more glandular breasts cannot have liposuction alone. More likely, the procedure will require larger incisions to access and remove excess skin. Dr. Hetzler could use the lollipop incision, which circles the areola and moves downward, ending at the breast crease. Or he may extend the incision along the breast crease in both directions, an incision known as the anchor incision. It provides the most access to remove excess skin and reposition tissues. The nipple-areolar complex is moved upward to the desired position and excess tissue and fat are removed. The entire procedure usually takes from two to four hours.


Patients usually return home the same day of the surgery. A surgical bra will need to be worn for a couple weeks to provide support and decrease swelling, transitioning to a support bra. This must be worn 24 hours a day for four to six weeks. Swelling can persist for up to eight weeks, and a patient’s final results won’t be fully realized until six months after surgery.

If you’re tired of your large breasts and want to downsize, call Dr. Hetzler at (732) 219-0447 and set up a consultation for breast reduction surgery.

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