Laser Procedures Little Silver, NJAs a thoroughly experienced cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Hetzler believes in staying up-to-date with the latest surgical techniques. Lasers have revolutionized many areas of plastic surgery. In that vein, he continually adds new lasers to his practice to provide different benefits for his patients.

Here’s our assortment of lasers and where they go to work in Dr. Hetzler’s practice.

Pulsed-Dye Laser

The yellow pulsed-dye laser uses a type of dye as its active medium. Its pulsing beam is heavily absorbed by hemoglobin, which gives blood its deep red color. The pulsed-dye laser is effective for removing port-wine birthmarks, especially on children. It does this by destroying the abnormal blood vessels, lightening the birthmark so much that it is almost invisible.

Q-Switch Ruby/YAG/Alexandrite

These lasers are known as pigment blasters. They are used to eliminate the black and blue pigments in tattoos, as well as pigmented lesions and age spots.

Carbon Dioxide

These lasers emit an invisible light wavelength that is absorbed by water, which is the primary component of human skin. When a CO2 laser beam is focused, it can cut tissue and seal blood vessels simultaneously, seriously lowering the risks of bleeding and infection. When the beam is defocused, the CO2 laser vaporizes skin. These characteristics make the CO2 laser great for removing warts and other skin growths.

YAG Laser

The tip of this laser can be placed directly on the skin, like a scalpel. The YAG laser is effective in the surgery of various types of hemangiomas, skin growths with heavy concentrations of blood vessels.

Argon Laser

The argon laser has some characteristics in common with the yellow pulsed-dye laser. The argon laser emits a blue-green light that is absorbed by the color red. It is very effective in treating abnormalities that have a proliferation of blood vessels, such as blood blisters, spider veins on the face, strawberry birthmarks, hemangiomas, and bulky vascular tumors.

Lasers are just another example of how Dr. Hetzler stays at the forefront of the plastic surgery world. Trust his board-certified skills for your procedures. Call us at (732) 219-0447 to schedule a consultation.

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