No One Wants Flappy Upper Arms

arm liftWhile there will be many a Batman coming to your door on Halloween, you don’t want anything to do with “bat wings.” That is the flattering term for loose skin on the underside of your upper arms that is a result of fluctuations in weight, loosening skin and muscle, even just heredity. No matter how many triceps exercises you do, once your upper arms become flappy they won’t tighten back down to their former contour.

That could be the time for Dr. Hetzler to perform an arm lift. A arm lift reduces excess skin and underlying fat that occurs between the elbow and underarm area. An arm lift results in a more toned and proportionate appearance. Gone with the bat wings, in with the sleeveless blouses!

What is an arm lift?

An arm lift is a surgical procedure that reshapes the upper portion of the upper arm. Liposuction is usually used along with the procedure to remove pockets of fat. The goal of an arm lift is to:

  • Reduces excess sagging skin that droops downward when the arms are extended away from the body
  • Tighten and smooth the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm

The procedure

Dr. Hetzler begins an arm lift with an incision placed in the inside of the upper arm. The incision may extend from the underarm to the elbow, or be more limited in length. The incision length will be directly related to the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed.

Once the incision is made, Dr. Hetzler will remove any excess fat. Then he tightens and reshapes the underlying supportive tissues using internal sutures. Next excess skin is trimmed and the overlying skin is re-draped over the new contour of your arm.


After your arm lift your arms will be swollen and bruised, and there will be some pain, but it is controllable with medication. Dr. Hetzler will advise you to keep your arms elevated as much as possible for the first several days after surgery. You’ll need to avoid any heavy lifting or bearing any weight on your arms for several days to weeks. Vigorous exercise will have to wait a few weeks.

An arm lift can dramatically improve your arm contour and body image. Call Dr. Hetzler at 732-219-0447 to schedule a consultation.

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