Only Batman Should Have Bat Wings

With today’s modern fashions, bare arms are a typical part of the game. But if you have loose upper arms the last thing you probably want to do is put on a sleeveless blouse. Significant weight gain or weight loss, or simply the relentless march of time, can create this loose skin on the upper arms. These unsightly, inelastic flabby areas on the bottom of both upper arms are sometimes referred to as “bat wings.”

Dr. Hetzler can address this problem with a plastic surgery procedure called brachioplasty, commonly known as an arm lift. This procedure removes excess skin and fat in the upper arms.

arm liftThere are a couple myths about the upper arms. If a person is overweight, there is a perception that simply losing weight will firm up the upper arms. Actually, this can make the problem worse. The same is true of performing only liposuction on the upper arm area.

An arm lift, sometimes done in conjunction with liposuction, is the path recommended path by Dr. Hetzler.

How is an arm lift done?

In an arm lift, an incision is made either on the inside or on the back of the arm near the elbow, or occasionally in armpit for minimal arm lifts. The placement of the incision will depend on the amount and location of the excess skin present. Fat deposits in the area may be removed through excision or liposuction. Once the fat has been removed, the supportive tissues in the arm are tightened and contoured using internal sutures. The skin is then re-draped and smoothed to conform to the new tighter contour.

What results can I expect?

There will be bruising and swelling, but your new firmer upper arms will be noticeable immediately after the procedure. Dr. Hetzler usually wraps the patient’s arms to help support the new contour, as well as to aid healing. There will also be some scarring.

An arm lift can bring long-lasting results, especially when the patient maintains a stable weight and exercises regularly. If you’re interested in putting the bat wings in the Bat Cave, call Dr. Hetzler and schedule a consultation for an arm lift.

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