Breast Augmentation Basics

Breast Augmentation Little Silver, NJIt’s a big decision whether to have breast augmentation or not. And if you’ve been doing your research (as you should) you probably know there are a host of other decisions you’ll need to consider long before any surgery dates are set. Dr. Hetzler believes his patients should be driving all of these decisions — he’ll help you where you need help.

Here are the choices you’ll need to make.

Saline vs. Silicone

You’ll need to decide what your implants will be filled with. All implants feature a silicone outer shell, but some are filled with saline solution and others with silicone gel. The consensus is that silicone, especially the denser gel consistencies used these days, has a more natural feel than saline. Saline implants, however, require a smaller incision, as the implant is filled once in place. A new option has been available for about five years, the gummy bear implant. While this implant is technically silicone, it is different enough to almost merit its category. The silicone used in gummy bear implants is highly cohesive, meaning if the implant ruptures, the gel won’t leave the shell.

Implant size

The size of your implants is measured in cubic centimeters. This is the amount of gel or saline used to fill the implants. Dr. Hetzler recommends keeping your breast increase within the natural range of your body type, although some patients opt for a larger size increase.

Implant projection

The implant projection is just that, how much the implant will project outwards. Higher profile implants usually have a narrower base and project more than low or moderate profile implants. The projection “profiles” are low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile, and extra full profile.

Incision location

You will discuss with Dr. Hetzler your incision options. The usual options are around the areola, along with the breast crease, or through the armpit. The implant size can dictate the location. Obviously, the least scarring comes from the incision made in the armpit.

Above or below the chest muscle

You’ll decide if the implants will sit on top of your pectoral muscles or be placed beneath them. There are three advantages to placement beneath the muscle: it is thought this placement looks more natural, there is less risk of capsular contracture, and there is less risk for surface rippling.

This sounds like a daunting number of decisions, but Dr. Hetzler will help with each one if you choose. If you’re contemplating augmentation, why not come in for a consultation and see what you think? Call us at 732-219-0447.

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