Eyelid Surgery Little Silver, NJ

Keeping Your Eyes Young

It’s not easy to keep your eyes from aging. With other areas of your body, you can protect them or cover them with clothes. But your eyes are always out there. Plus, because they have some of the thinnest skin on the entire body, they are more apt to show their age. All of this […]

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Laser Procedures Little Silver, NJ


As a thoroughly experienced cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Hetzler believes in staying up-to-date with the latest surgical techniques. Lasers have revolutionized many areas of plastic surgery. In that vein, he continually adds new lasers to his practice to provide different benefits for his patients. Here’s our assortment of lasers and where they go […]

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Dermaplaning Little Silver, NJ

Exfoliation and Peach Fuzz Removal — Dermaplaning

Exfoliation and better-looking skin go hand in hand. To free the healthy skin beneath, you need to get rid of the dead skin cells on top. Women have always been somewhat envious that men basically exfoliate their entire lower face every day. Shaving. Such is the idea behind dermaplaning at Dr. Hetzler’s. Dermaplaning is a […]

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JUVÉDERM® Little Silver, NJ

Another Juvéderm Option — Vollure®

Sure wrinkles get all the attention. When a person sees a new wrinkle form outside her eyes, it’s time for panic. But the volume loss that accompanies aging is really far more visible. As our production of collagen, the protein that supports our skin, decreases with age, our skin sags across our body. Nowhere is […]

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CoolSculpting Little Silver, NJ

The Cool that is CoolSculpting®

As we’re winding down a rainy, steamy New Jersey summer, how does something cool sound? Popsicle? Ice cream sandwich? Snow Cone? No, CoolSculpting®! Most people have heard about CoolSculpting®, but there is some mystery about how the whole process is done. And, while Dr. Hetzler is an Agatha Christie fan, there’s no need for mystery about […]

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Breast Reconstruction Little Silver, NJ

Implant Revision

Any cosmetic surgery isn’t cut and dried. There are variations and reasons that a person may later need either another surgery to address lingering issues, or to make changes. Breast augmentation isn’t a perfect science, and a patient may desire revision surgery. Whether she decided she would simply like larger implants or whether there has […]

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Skin Cancer Treatment Little Silver, NJ

Know Your Skin Cancers

Since we’re in the midst of another hot Jersey summer, odds are you’re spending as much time as possible either huddled next to the air conditioner or at the Shore. This time in the sun adds up with skin cells that can begin mutating into skin cancer. So, this could be a good time for […]

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SkinCeuticals Micropeel Little Silver, NJ

Micropeel that Dull Epidermis

Underneath that dull layer of dead skin cells, clogged pores, dirt, oil, and the accumulations of whatever’s in the environment is vibrant, healthy skin just waiting to get its chance to shine. Dr. Hetzler believes in letting that bright, new skin out, so he offers the MicroPeel from SkinCeuticals to get rid of that outermost […]

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Scar Revision Little Silver, NJ

Taking Some of the Scar Out of a Scar

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hetzler is renowned for his aesthetic work on procedures such as eyelid surgery or body contouring surgery. But he also specializes in a variety of reconstructive surgical procedures, from carpal tunnel surgery to revising an ugly scar. If you have a scar you’d like to see if he can […]

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Breast Reconstruction Little Silver, NJ

Do Uneven Breasts Make You Self-Conscious?

Many women have uneven breasts. It’s a very common fact of anatomy affecting roughly one half of all women. But sometimes, asymmetry can make a woman feel self-conscious when naked or in a swimsuit. No one should feel that way about her body. To help get past these thoughts, Dr. Hetzler offers various options to […]

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